5 Baby Clothing Hacks/Clothing Hacks For Little Ones

Dressing your little ones can be fun but, it can turn into an ordeal real quick. You close your eyes for a second and poof! They've outgrown every piece of clothing in their wardrobe and you'll find yourself having to go on a shopping spree all over again. We've got a bunch of hacks to turn this tricky situation into less of a mess. Whether you're an experienced parent or if you've just welcomed a little bundle of joy into your home, some of these will definitely come in handy and could even save you a quick buck. Hack it with OETEO!


Non-Slip Socks

Socks are great for keeping your little one's feet all warm and snug but they can turn into a cause for disaster when your little one is up on their feet, learning to walk and run. They're slippery, especially on hardwood and tile flooring and can cause your little one to fall. A pair of non-slip socks is the solution to this slippery problem, but don't head out for some just yet; turn your little one's regular socks into a DIY project that'll will save you the unnecessary cost.

How To Make Your Own DIY Non-Slip Socks

What You'll Need:

  • Cardboard
  • Puffy Paint
  • Regular Socks


  • Trace your little one's feet on the cardboard and cut that out
  • Place the cardboard cutouts into the socks (This will prevent the paint from cracking when the socks are worn)
  • Use the puffy paints and draw patterns on the soles of the socks (You can follow the pattern that's already printed on the socks or you could decorate it however you like; be it hearts, squiggly lines or even ordinary straight lines will do the trick)
  • Let them dry for 24 hours
  • Take the cardboard out of the socks
  • Voila! Your very own DIY non-slip baby socks
  • Side note: Turn the socks inside out before throwing them in the wash

Onesie Hack

Onesies are the ultimate baby must-have! They're super comfy, warm and they keep your baby's diaper in place all day. And talk about an all-in-one outfit! Unfortunately, your little one easily grows out off them. Hack all the onesies your little one has grown out off by simply cutting the feet part of the onesie, this will give you a month or two extra use out of it. You can also turn your little one's onesies into t-shirts by cutting the flaps off.


Baby Wipes

A definite baby essential for cleaning up messes but little did you know, these cleansing tiny sheets deem to be an overlooked clothing hack. There's no need for a change of clothes if you notice a stain on your little one's outfit, use baby wipes to clean these stains, and another perk of wet wipes is that they get rid of bad smells too! Your little one's stained clothes will be as good as new. This also applies for spills or stains on carpets or in the car, it'll save you a whole lot of time and less clothes to wash.


Sort and Save

Even if you have no plans on having another little bundle of the joy in the future, you just never know and should always be prepared in the chance of a visit from the storks. Don't throw away any of your baby's clothing, keep them and sort them out by age to avoid a heaping pile of unkempt clothes. Make a pile for every size (newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, etc), neatly fold them and store them in an organized fashion. You can opt to sort them into more detail such as dresses, pants, shirts, and so on. Should you need to pull items out for future children, or to give to a friend, you'll have everything you need for that specific age or size. Hang on to their little shoes as well, it'll be the perfect keepsake for when they're all grown up. You can take an extra step by labelling the sortments. By chance your sortments end up collecting dust instead of being put to use, hand them over to goodwill, a good deed always goes a long way and hey! Those who attain them may get more use out of it and not to mention, the extra cleared space in your closet.


Turn Dresses Into Blouses

Dresses make for adorable peplum blouses or tops for your baby girl, some alteration on the torso part of the dress will be needed for your little one to fit into it perfectly. Pair it with pants or shorts and your little princess will have a whole new outfit.