5 Essential Newborn Clothing Items With OETEO

Do you have a little bundle of joy on the way into this world? Whether it's your first time expecting or if you already have this in the bag, it's best to be fully equipped and ready for when your little one is due. It can turn into a disastrous mess and make your life a catastrophe if everything isn't at the reach of your fingertips. With baby clothes being at the top of the 'baby essentials' checklist, we've got five must-have baby clothing items to get your newborn settled in well.


Onesies make the perfect baby outfit; these comfy all-in-oners will keep your little one warm, snug and bundled in comfort. Onesies also check all the boxes when it comes to meeting the criteria of essential baby clothing with it being basic and easy to wear. Our EASYEO rompers (OETEO's onesies) are super easy to get on your little one, making diaper changes a piece of cake. Our rompers are designed with light, breathable fabric, offering your little one immense comfort. They allow your baby to move around without holding your little one back from learning to walk or crawl. Babies are prone to skin allergies because of how sensitive their skins are, so it's of dire importance that the clothing your little one wears does not irritate their skin; with that being said, our rompers are made of soft and fine cotton which will keep rashes at bay. With choking hazards and the dangers some baby clothing can possess, our EASYEO rompers are free of snaps, buttons and zips. Onesies work for just about every occasion, day or night; leave them as they are or pair them with a skirt or pants to add to the already adorable outfit. Our EASYEO rompers also come in an endless array of designs and colours. 

Socks & Mittens

Even though your baby isn't able to stand yet, socks are necessary to keep their feet warm. While you’re at that, throw on a pair of mittens to keep their little fingers all snug. Plus, matching socks and mittens can pull together a cute outfit. Our hands and feet contain blood vessels, which are vital in regulating our body temperature; this is why you might feel hot when wearing socks in warmer temperatures or experience a blast of cold air when your feet stick out from under the covers. Babies are no different and require their feet and hands to be kept warm in cold temperatures. At OETEO, we put comfort and style into consideration so that parents can have the best of both worlds for their little ones; our outfit collections come with adorable matching socks and mittens. 

 Swaddles and Blankets

While baby clothes are an important part of dressing your newborn, swaddles and blankets are even more vital in the first few months. Babies get cold very easily throughout the day and you’ll want to tuck your baby up in a soft blanket to keep your little one warm. Even with clothing on, you should keep your baby bundled up in a blanket or a swaddle. If you notice your baby fussing, remove the blanket or swaddle to prevent the cause of overheating. Available in a range of adorable patterns and colours, OETEO's BLANKEO is designed to keep your bundle of joy warm and snug. 

Burp Cloths and Bibs

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you go through a tonne of burp cloths and bibs. Newborns are prone to drooling and spitting up as they learn how to nurse, so stocking up on these accessories is vital. Getting a whole lot of burp cloths and bibs will save you from running out when they're in the wash, the last thing you’ll want is to rush doing laundry every day as you try to keep up with your baby’s mess.

 Beanie Hats

The minute your little bundle of joy is born, nurses will pop a little beanie on your baby’s head to keep them warm. Since newborns get cold easily, a beanie hat is a great way to regulate your baby's body temperature. Your baby may not have the need to wear a beanie throughout the day, especially in warmer weathers’ but it's essential to keep one with you just in case your little one gets cold. If you notice that their face is red or feels extra-warm, take the hat off immediately. Just like how easily cold they get, newborns have the tendency to get warm real quick too. OETEO's multi-functional BEANIO will keep your baby warm in colder weathers but wait! Our beanie also functions as a bib or even a skirt! With an assemblage of colours, you can easily mix and match pieces to create the perfect outfit.

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