6 Money Saving Hacks On Kid’s Clothing

Looking to save a quick buck on your little one’s clothing? Children’s clothing can really take a huge bite out of your budget. More so than your own wardrobe even if your clothing is more expensive with the fact, they outgrow their clothes in a heartbeat. Many times, they will outgrow their clothing before they get your money’s worth out of them, and if they do not outgrow them, they wear them out quickly. Hop on the thrifty train with these tips on how to save a quick buck or two with these nifty money saving hacks!

Buy Gender-Neutral Clothing

If you plan on having more children, it is a good idea to buy gender-neutral clothing. This way, once your first child outgrows them, you can store them away until you need those items for your second child. Yellow, green, and tan clothing items could be matched up with a cute pink headband or little blue bow tie if you want to add a gender-specific look to the outfits. You can also do this for nursery items which can really add up to a lot of money. Then all you need to do is just add a few gender-specific accent-coloured items to personalize your nursery for each child as needed.

Repurpose Clothing

Re-purpose clothes that your child has outgrown or that may be a bit worn. If your child has some pants that are worn out at the knees, you can cut the legs down and make a pair of shorts out of them. You could do the same if they had a growth spurt and those pants are now a bit short for your child. If your child’s toes are all bunched up in the feet of their pyjamas, just cut the feet off and they could last another six months. Long-sleeved shirts can be repurposed into short-sleeved ones with a few basic sewing skills.


Department stores will put seasonal items on clearance year-round to make room for the upcoming season and new arrivals. Take advantage of those clearance items when you have the chance. Always check out the clearance aisles, racks, and shelves when you go on a shopping spree. When searching, you may not find anything that fits your children right now, but you need to think ahead. If there are items at great prices that may only fit your child in six months, why not buy them when you can get them for cheap. Your children will keep growing no matter how much you do not want them to.

Rent or Borrow

Any time there is an occasion that requires a specific type of clothing for your child (or you for that matter), you should consider renting or borrowing those items. Your child may be asked to be a flower girl or ring bearer for a wedding. This can become quite a financial burden on anyone looking to save money. If you buy that item for one specific occasion, it is probably going to be the only use you will get out of it. Then a few years later it will still be sitting in a closet collecting dust. Why not ask family and friends if they might have something that is appropriate that you can borrow? If not, then you can rent these types of items from a local bridal shop.

Shop and Sell Online

A great way to save money on kid’s clothing and get great very gently worn clothing is to utilize online consignment shops. You can simply send in gently worn clothing that your children have outgrown and get cash to purchase more clothing appropriate for your child. Make sure the clothes are gently worn with no stains or flaws. You can opt for buying children clothing with high price tags for a lot cheaper and it is awesome because you know that the items you buy will be in great shape.  And if you are going this route to sell your children’s clothing, only send them items that fit within their guidelines.

Skip Holiday Specific Clothing

I know, it is so cute when Christmas rolls around, dressing your little girl in a red velvet dress or you little boy in a cute little suit with red or green bow ties and vests. But this is a big waste of money. You will probably only get one use out of those holiday-specific outfits because you know that they will not fit next year. It’s best to rent or borrow these special holiday outfits instead.