6 Reasons To Let Your Little Ones Pick What They Wear

There will come a time in every parent's life when it's time to stop picking out clothes for your little ones but instead, let them choose what they wish to wear even though we may not completely agree with their outfit choice. Nevertheless, having them pick their outfits builds a sense of individuality, responsibility and independence. Although most parents pass on this responsibility to their little ones when they're well in their teens, granting them the competency to choose what they wear at an early age will help your little one in many ways than one. We've curated a list of reasons why you should let your little one pick what they wear as early as toddlerhood.


Confidence Booster

An outfit can send a powerful message and possess meaning such as sense of style, creativity and personality. Your little one may not fully grasp that idea just yet but by putting together their desired outfit, they're adding a dash of personality and creativity into the chosen outfit. Wearing something that they choose and they like makes them feel good, that empowerment is the building blocks of feeling confident. Compliment them when they pick out an outfit even if it includes a cowboy hat or red boots, as long as they're happy with it.

No More Wasted Or Returning Clothes

Picking clothes for your little ones can easily turn into a hassle when they don't favour what you've chosen, you'll find yourself returning the clothing item or it'll just end up collecting dust in the corner of their closet; having them choose what they like will eliminate this issue. Take them on a shopping spree and have them pick out whatever they like but little ones can be somewhat indecisive so before buying whatever they pick, make sure they're sure that's what they want and that they'll wear it. You can even get some insight on your little one's taste in clothing.


Just like adults, little ones need to express themselves too but it's often overlooked. Having them pick out their outfits gives them a sense of freedom to express themselves. Clothes are not only a matter of fashion, but a matter of identity. Toddlers and young children will rarely follow a fashion trend but would rather choose clothing items that are of their favourite colours, cartoons or just about anything that catches their attention. Learning to understand their fluid identities and the clothes they express these identities with when they're younger will make it a lot easier when they're grown up and pick clothes that you might not agree with.

Sense Of Responsibility & Independence

Having your little one take on a task by themselves encourages responsibility and independence. Just like empowering your little ones to dress themselves, little ones choosing what they way amps a sense of responsibility and independence and not to mention, it'll hearten your little one to dress all by themselves too. If they pick their clothes, they’ll be more likely to take care of what they've chosen. Empowering your little one to make decisions of their own will help them in their daily lives especially down the road.

Teaches Little Ones About Spending & Budget

One way to educate your little ones about spending and budget is by giving them an amount that they can spend on clothes and have them shop (try to let them manage it on their own). They'll probably need some help totalling everything they’ve picked but in time, they’ll learn how to total the cost and how to stay in the budget. You'll eventually see how good they are at money management. However, in the chance your little one goes out of budget; you can hand them extra money if you agree that they should buy the clothes that are over-budget but there should be consequences of their choices. Let them know that this means there’ll be no shopping for some time because they've spent over the supposed amount.

It's Fun

Little ones will have a blast going on a shopping spree and picking out all that catches their eye. Going to the shopping mall is a fun adventure for little ones and just like with toys, picking out something they like brings them joy. It’s also fun for them to discover a new freedom which they didn't have, seeing your little one taking steps towards becoming an independent and responsible individual is something you'll take pride in.