Christmas Outfit Ideas For Babies & Toddlers

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas with stunning decorations being put up and our favourite jingles being played all around town! With Christmas really being the most wonderful time of the year, a time where people come together and reminisce over special moments. It's always an adoring sight to see our little ones' excitement for the big day, helping grace the house with Christmas knick-knacks, decorating sugar cookies with the family and lifted hopes of catching a glimpse of good ol' Kris Kringle himself. Entice your little one's Christmas experience by dressing them up for the jolly holiday and we've got what you need to sprinkle some Christmas magic on your little one's Christmas outfits, that will have your little ones nestled in comfort while looking their best on the festive day.

A Dash(er) Of Red

It's not Christmas if the merry colour isn't in sight! Throw on some clothing items of the fiery colour on your little one and you've got yourself an outfit that screams Christmas.

Outfit Idea For Infants

Dress your baby in a white onesie and accessorize with red socks and mittens, throw on a red bowtie, headband or a red beanie.

Outfit Idea For Toddlers

Boys: Throw on a pair of red leggings and a little red bowtie over a white shirt or a cotton long-sleeved white sweater

Girls: Pair a red flared tulle skirt with white or red leggings, over a cosy white sweater. Accessorize with adorable Christmas themed headbands and jewellery. Or you could have your little one dress in a plain white dress and tie a ribbon with a candy cane-like pattern around the waist area. Pair with a pair of red or white mary janes, don't forget to accessorize.

Matching Family Pyjamas

Matching family Christmas pyjamas are incredibly adorable and make the perfect opportunity for a family photograph. With a variety of them hitting the stores already, pick out one in everyone's sizes and have everyone dress in them for the big day; everyone snuggled up on the couch tuning in to a Christmas classic on the telly whilst sipping on a hot cup of cocoa makes the perfect Christmas family gathering.

A White Christmas

With white being a very basic colour of the spectrum, accessorizing is key.

Outfit Idea For Infants

The perfect chance to dress your little bundle of joy as a snowman. Dress your baby in a onesie that has large black buttons, throw on some white mittens, socks and a white beanie; a scarf would complete the look but because it can be a strangulation hazard and can also cause overheating, it should only be worn when your little one is under adult supervision.

Outfit Idea For Toddlers

Boys: A button-up white cardigan paired with white pants or if the occasion requires your little one to be more dressed up, throw on an all-white tux with black accents.

Girls: Throw on a white turtle neck sweater with a white tulle skirt over a pair of white leggings. Accessorize with white boots or mary janes and a faux fur scarf.

The Elf On The Shelf

Dress your little ones as Santa's little helpers! They'd look so adorable in their outfits helping decorate cookies.

Outfit Idea For Infants

Pair a long-sleeved green romper over red and white striped baby leggings, or you can just go with red baby leggings if red and white striped ones are hard to find. Accessorize with green socks and throw on a red beanie. Voila! You got yourself a baby elf that is super cute but probably won't be of much help.

Outfit Idea For Toddlers

Boys & Girls: A button-up green cardigan paired with red/yellow pants or red and white striped leggings. Accessorize with an elf or Santa hat, a belt around the waist and green shoes; green shoes can be tricky to find so shiny oxfords in black for boys will pull the look together. For girls, you can have your little one wear a pair of green glittery flats or black mary janes. You can also throw on a green tulle skirt and headband instead of a hat for your little girl.


Christmas Appeal Campaign

With Christmas being a time for giving, we at OETEO would like to spread the spirit of nobility this Christmas with our Christmas Appeal Campaign that will begin on the 1st of December until the 13th of December 2020.

With every purchase that is made on OETEO during this period, we will donate a piece of our basic OETEO EASYEO Romper to St Kilda Mums.