Clothing Tips for Babies & Infants with OETEO

Congratulations, if you are looking for information on the right clothing for your baby, then you and your partner are most likely expecting a little one on the way or perhaps, you’re a new parent. In that case, you have come to the right place, we at OETEO have curated a list of information on how to shop for your baby such as what type of clothing should you get? which material is better for babies? and how many sets of clothes to get?

Why the kind of clothing your baby wears is important?

Babies are very fragile and sensitive beings, especially in their first few months. Choosing the proper clothing is crucial for your baby’s health and comfort, when doing so, there are a few aspects of the clothing that you need to keep an eye out for. The comfortability, the quality of the material; and the clothing should also be easy to put on and take off the baby. A comfortable baby is much easier to handle than one that is constantly fussing because of the discomfort of the clothing. Choosing proper clothing for your baby can also reduce skin irritation.

What type of clothing to get?

It depends on where you live and the climate of that place, if the weather is chilly, your baby must be always kept warm and cosy, therefore it is crucial that your baby has plenty of warm clothing; that includes blankets, socks, winter beanies, winter jackets, mittens, and thick warm baby jumpsuits. However, it is best to stick to pieces of clothing that are airy, breathable, and thin to avoid your baby from overheating during warmer seasons such as summer. Mesh singlets, t-shirts and onesies are a great place to start.

Bamboo viscose is an excellent material option during the warmer seasons. They are known to be much more flexible, breathable, longer lasting, and absorbent than cotton. Since bamboo viscose does not insulate heat, it is easy to either pile on clothes when it gets too cold or remove pieces when it gets too hot. Cotton on the other hand is great at trapping heat and is the perfect material for colder seasons. Cotton clothes do not rub harshly on your baby’s skin even under a pile of clothing. Another great property of cotton clothing is the breathability of the material, it permits better aeration, keeping your baby safe from overheating and sweating. Despite how cold or hot it may be, it is important to pay attention to your baby for signs of overheating or when they’re chilly.

What happens when your baby doesn’t wear comfortable clothing?

Babies cry very often and sometimes it is easy to tell what they want; it could be that they are hungry, sleepy, or they just want the warmth of a loving parent, maybe both, but sometimes it can also seem like it’s for no reason whatsoever. Oftentimes, babies weep uncontrollably because of the discomfort caused by the baby’s clothing. The clothing could be causing your baby to overheat, shiver or it’s just plain uncomfortable. it is important to dress the baby according to the surrounding temperatures. and to ensure the quality of the baby’s clothing is good.


How to know how many clothes you should buy for your baby?

If you didn’t know, babies outgrow their clothes fast! That’s why some parents hesitate to buy too many clothes for their babies, as they might outgrow them in just a few months or even weeks if it is a new-born baby. So how do you know how many clothes to buy for your baby? it really depends on how often the laundry is done, it is advisable to do it every day, that way you don’t need to buy so many clothes for your baby but if that seems like too much of a chore, you should probably get a few extra pieces just in case. The rule of thumb is to have at least 3 outfit changes daily for your baby until laundry day comes about and always remember to have extra accessory pieces in a drawer just in case; such as mittens, socks, and swaddles.

Where to get them?

At OETEO! OETEO provides clothes that are comfortable with an easy-stretch design and high-quality material, without buttons or straps for easy changing and safety. OETEO believes that every child is special and is of great value, to help the parents provide for their children with the best clothing they can get.