How to Shop for Baby Clothes With Afterpay?

The true happiness for every parent is buying new baby clothes. In fact, you can never get over and done with baby clothes shopping. It is a constant cycle that keeps going on. From the newborn stage till toddlerhood, you will need several clothes as children tend to soil their clothes and outgrow them very often.


Buying baby clothes in bulk is sometimes a daunting idea if you are on a budget. High-end branded clothes are costly; affording them is not everyone's piece of cake. So how to keep up with your baby's clothing without breaking the bank? Well, the perfect solution for you is Afterpay.


Afterpay is an Australian financial technology company best known for its buy now and pay later facility. The company started operating in 2014. Its innovative technology and reliability have made it a popular shopping method. In the financial year 2021, Afterpay had 3.6 million users from Australia and New Zealand. These numbers are much higher than the previous years, showing people's increasing tendency towards this service.


Are you wondering how to buy baby clothes with Afterpay? Dont worry because in this article, we will present you with a detailed guide about Afterpay.


How to Choose the Right Store for Baby Shopping?

Shopping for baby clothes with Afterpay is much easier and feasible. Before shopping, it is good to check with the brand's customer service if it uses Afterpay or not. Another way is to download the app and look for all the stores using Afterpay.


For a high-quality shopping experience of baby clothes with Afterpay, you can also check out the Oeteo website. We offer multiple payment options like PayPal, Google pay, Apple Pay, and Afterpay. Currently, we also offer a Sale on most items. You can get high-quality clothes at reasonable prices along with a payment installment option with After pay.


How Does Afterpay Work?

If you are a first-time customer, you must create an account on Afterpay to use its services. The returning customers need to log in to their accounts for use. Once you are done with shopping, select Afterpay in the payment options. It will divide your payments into four installments. You can also view the schedule of the installments and payment history from your Afterpay account.


For in-store shopping, download the Afterpay app and follow their instructions to set up an Afterpay card with Apple or Google pay for contactless payment. Customers have to pay 25% at the time of purchase, and you are good to go.


Who Can Use Afterpay?

Before starting shopping for baby clothes with Afterpay, it is essential to know the eligibility criteria as Afterpay is a safe facility, and they do not entertain scams or frauds.


You are eligible for Afterpay if

  • You are 18 years and above.
  • You can pay 25% of the purchase amount at the checkout.
  • You have a verified email and mobile number.
  • You have an authorized debit or credit card.
  • You provide a valid delivery address.
  • You do not have a history of scams or fraud with other banks.


Is There a Cost of Using Afterpay?

Afterpay is a free service with no hidden charges or fees. In case of late installment payments, you are bound to pay a late fee of 25% of your order value. Afterpay responsibly sends payment reminders to their customers and expects punctuality in return. So, if you plan to shop for baby clothes with Afterpay, ensure you have sufficient cash in your bank account.


How to Sign Up for Afterpay?

There are two ways to sign up with Afterpay

  • Use the app
  • In-store shopping

The first method is very easy and more feasible. You can download the Afterpay app and follow the in-app instructions to create an account and start shopping. The app aids in a better shopping expereince while informing you about details related to payments and installments.


For in-store shopping, you need to create an Afterpay account, download the app and attach your Afterpay card with your digital wallet. You only need to add your payment details the first time while shopping for baby clothes with Afterpay. After that, you can only login into your account and have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Where Can I Use Afterpay?

If you are planning to shop for baby clothes with Afterpay but are unsure about the available stores, check out the shop directory in the app to get a better idea. After pay offers more than 1000 brands to help you make up your mind.


How to Return and Exchange an Item Purchased in Installments by Afterpay?

If you wish to return or exchange an item purchased in installments by Afterpay, it is good to contact the store you bought the clothes from.

Do not return your purchase to Afterpay. If you believe there is a fault with your Afterpay payment, contact their customer service to get more assistance.

Can Afterpay Decline My Order?

Afterpay does not accept every order. They encourage responsible spending and have the authority to decline your order on several factors. If you do not want to get your order declined, please consider the following things.

  • Do you have sufficient funds in your account? You should have ample funds to pay for the 25% payment at the time of purchase.
  • Are you using Afterpay for more than six weeks(Afterpay is more vigilant with new users and declines most orders during the first six weeks)

Final Word

Every parent wants to dress up their little ones in beautiful and stylish clothes, but let's face it, inflation has made it impossible for some to afford branded clothing. If you also want to shop while staying on a budget, use Afterpay.

Afterpay is a handy way to pay in installments, making you shop for your little one without the hassle and worry of a one-time payment. Its easy-to-use app makes the shopping experience more feasible and reliable.

Your carefree shopping days are just a click away, so what are you waiting for?