Newborn Checklist: The Things You Need to Prepare When Expecting

Is a newborn coming your way? If so, you have 9 months to get everything ready before you meet your little one! If you are wondering what you need to purchase before your baby arrives, here are some essentials to consider.


First up, we have baby clothes. While design is important, you should also prioritise comfort so your baby will feel comfortable at all times.

Next time you buy clothes for your baby girl or boy in Singapore, take note of these essentials:

  • Onesies
  • Pyjamas
  • Undershirts
  • Rompers
  • Socks
  • Blankets

Since it can be hot in Singapore, you should select clothes made out of cotton to provide your baby with maximum comfort. Cotton is breathable and soft, which makes it perfect for our little ones’ delicate skin.

It is advisable to get a variety of sizes from new-born up to 6 months as babies grow out of their clothings really fast during the first few months.

We can deprioritize shoes since your child will not be walking anytime soon. Socks, however, will be a great investment since they’ll protect your baby’s feet. Some baby pyjamas such as our Easywear comes with in-built booties that helps to keep those little feet warm too!


If you haven’t already started getting ready your newborn’s room, here are some of the furniture you could look into getting:

  • Crib
  • Mattress
  • Nightlight
  • Nursing Chair
  • Changing table

It is also important to baby-proof your home. Corner protectors and finger guards are some of the items you can consider getting. Ensure that items placed on the floor are secure and will not topple over – especially important when your baby starts crawling and climbing! How about the crib in which your baby sleeps? Check that there aren’t too many pillows as that could increase the possibility of suffocation.


Ah, diapers. How could one forget that? Besides diapers, what else can you include on your list to make potty time easier and more convenient for your baby?

  • Changing table
  • Diaper cream
  • Washcloths
  • Baby wipes

Now that you’re aware of these essential items, make sure to remember them the next time you buy furniture or clothes for your baby boy or girl in Australia.