Road Trip Essentials When Travelling With Little Ones

Travelling with a little one on board can be a tricky situation, an essential item left behind can turn what was supposed to be a fun road trip into an utter mess. Road trips with the little ones are where some everlasting memories are created, but those memories can easily take on a cloudy perspective if you're not prepared for just about anything and everything. Retain the spontaneity but have all the things you and your baby will need; and the things that may not seem important, packed and ready to go. We've got the lowdown on road trip essentials when travelling with a baby on board so hop on!


Baby Car Seat

Road trip or not, a safe and sturdy baby seat should always be fastened in the back seat of the car at all times. A baby should never board any vehicle without proper seating secured.


Diaper Change Essentials

With babies being unpredictable beings and not being able to hold it in until a stop, there is bound to be a diaper full of surprises throughout the journey. Continuing the drive with a baby that has a loaded diaper and leaving your little one in discomfort is out of a question, so always bring diaper change essentials along. 

  • Diapers, a handful of them
  • A changing pad 
  • Baby wipes
  • A bin or bag for disposing 
  • Baby lotion 

Load these essentials into a small carrier bag and keep it within reach, changing your baby's diaper on the go will be a breeze.


First Aid Kit

Get a ready-made first aid kit to keep in the car or, you can always put your own together with the essentials. A first aid kid is a necessity and will come in a handy in case of an emergency. A ready-made one comes with items that would cover you in a sticky situation, Band-Aids and bandages for those inevitable scraped knees. If your little one is under the weather or you notice that your little one seems to be getting fussy, a first aid kit packed with a bottle of cough syrup, a probiotic, electrolyte supplement, or gripe water will have your little one back in good shape.

Extra Clothes

Even if it's just a day trip, bring at least two or three spare outfits for your baby to change into. OETEO's ROADTRIP Collection features the joyous moments of road trips. A collection created to swaddle every little one in ultimate comfort as they embark on adventures. Each and every apparel listed on our ROADTRIP collection is designed to offer comfort and function on long, tiresome journeys; be it a trip to the beach or the zoo, our collection will have every little one focused on making memories instead of discomfort. Featuring high quality clothing for your little ones that deem as a road trip essential. Have a change of clothes at reach for yourself too, there’s a good chance you’ll get soaked in spit-up and throw up. Have a baggie at hand to stash dirty things until you can toss them in the wash, a pocket-size and leak-proof one would be ideal.


Food & Snacks

It won't be a road trip without snacks but when travelling with a little one, stocking up and boarding a variety of food, snacks and drinks is a must. Bring foods that are nutrient-dense, delicious and not packed full of sugar. If your baby has not been introduced to solid foods yet then you can rely on breastfeeding the baby. You can also store breast milk beforehand, using a breast pump, and feed your baby during meal times. Formula milk is another great option when travelling, as it needs water and formula powder to make the mix. Given your baby has taken into solid foods, some great snacks you can bring along are:

  • Whole wheat crackers

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • granola bars 

  • Juice pouches or boxes

  • Baby food pouches 

  • Yoghurt drops 

  • Protein bars

  • String cheese

  • Cereal

  • Rice cakes

Some bibs will come in handy since you never know how big of a mess your little one may make. 



Load your car with entertainment on the go, your little one may easily get bored throughout the journey and make a fuss. Bring a bunch of your little one's favourite toys so they'll have something to keep them occupied while you drive. Play some of their favourite tunes for your little one to bop to! Have a couple of interactive books and games on board for them to play with to pass the time.