Six Reasons Why You Should Get Organic Baby Clothes Today!

In today's world that’s filled with harmful chemicals, finding organic clothes for babies that are made from the natural fibre is rare. Babies have sensitive skin and get more affected by toxic chemicals than adults. As parents, we must ensure the clothes we are getting for our little ones are organic, comfortable and safe. We know the deep urge to buy an outfit just because it is cute is real. But you must ensure the clothes are made from safe fabric to provide the ultimate protection to your little.


The synthetic and unnatural fabric industry has taken the world by storm. It is really sad to know that according to the organic trade association, organic cotton only makes up 0.95% of global cotton. Providing the best and safest clothes to your child is also a great way to give back to our mother earth. Are you trying to opt for organic baby clothes? Perk up your ears as we discuss six compelling reasons to switch to organic baby clothes.


What is Organic Clothing?

Organic refers to food and fibre farming and production according to organic standards. It is about using seeds that are not genetically modified. Organic clothing is mostly based on natural cotton grown without harmful fertilizers and pesticides that requires more effort, knowledge and finance to grow.


The fabric and crop grown by natural seeds are more environmentally friendly and safe for the environment as it doesn't contain chemicals or hazardous substances.

Why You Should Get Organic Baby Clothes

No Chemicals

Skin is th largest body organ. Babies absorb most of the things in their bodies through their skin. While their skin also has three layers, it is more permeable and thinner than adults.


Babies' skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to harmful substances resulting in severe results. Mainstream clothing is full of chemicals that can cause harm to your little ones' skin. It is advised to use organic baby clothes and keep your child safe from chemicals.



Let's face it, buying a few high-quality organic baby clothes is better than getting a bundle of low quality, non-organic clothes. Organic cotton is way more durable than traditional cotton because it is not exposed to chemicals during production. It is often hand-picked rather than machine making its fibre more long-lasting and strong.


As a mother, you will find them easier to wash and take care of. Organic clothes for babies are made from natural cotton that is durable and stays good as new even after a few washes.

So if you want to keep the lustre and shape of your baby clothes intact, invest in the organic ones.

Environmentally Friendly

As a responsible mother, you should opt for eco-friendly options for your family. Switching to organic clothes from non-organic ones is a big step toward reducing your footprints on mother earth. 


Organic cotton farming techniques and methods are safer than traditional farming.

In traditional cotton farming, synthetic inputs like fertilizers and pesticides are used to enhance crop growth and manage pests and weeds better. These harmful techniques are prohibited in organic farming, and farmers usually use natural methods like crop rotation, animal and green manures and composting.


Be Empathetic

According to the world health organization, 77 million agricultural workers get affected by pesticides, with at least 1 million needing hospitalization each year. By opting for organic baby clothes, you can make a difference in agricultural workers' lives. It ensures that they are not exposed to harmful chemicals saving their health.


Similarly, organic cotton farming is certified with regulated wage rights. Those working in organic farming get a better working environment and daily wages.


Safety from Skin Infections

Have you been lately going often to a dermatologist to treat eczema, dermatitis or other skin infection in your little one? As mentioned earlier, non-organic clothes may contain extremely harmful chemicals that directly attacks your baby's soft skin, resulting in several skin infections.

Make considerations to switch to organic baby clothes to avoid frequent visits to a skin specialist for your child.


More Comfort

Organic baby clothes are chemical-free, and they also adapt to the atmosphere which helps your little one maintain a healthy body temperature.

They absorb moisture and ventilate cool air, keeping your child sweat-free and comfortable during summers. They are woven in such a way that helps keep the warmth intact during winters. Organic cotton is more adaptable to weather conditions making it an ideal fabric for baby clothes. It also proves to be more cost-effective in the long run as you do not need to buy clothes for every season.



Final Words

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”— Wendell Berry


Be more cautious towards your child, mother earth and the people, consider switching to organic baby clothes instead. We can make a difference to help reduce the production of harmful chemicals and substances that can affect our baby’s skin and our planet earth by reducing the demand and purchase of cotton products.


Make a wiser choice to invest in organic clothes are more comfortable, durable, and safe for your child and mother earth.