The Ultimate Checklist Before Your Baby Arrives

Is there a little bundle of joy on the way into this world? If this happens to be the first little one you and your spouse are to welcome or even if you have this in the bag, it’s best to be fully equipped and ready for when your little one is due. It can turn into a disastrous mess and make your and your spouse’s life a catastrophe if everything isn’t at the reach of fingertips and if the situation isn’t taken control of at a 110 percent. We’ve got the things you’d need to add to your checklist to get your new-born settled in well while both you and your spouse take this situation by the horns.

Even when you have everything in check, there might be a few things that may get left out so it’s always better to have a checklist at hand.


Nursing Your Baby

  • Bibs– Lots of em
  • Milk storage containers– These are handy especially when it comes to excess milk, store the milk in one of these containers and it’s good to go for your next feeding session with your baby
  • Nursing bottle– Get a few of these even if you’re only considering breastfeeding
  • Bottle brushes – To clean your baby’s bottle and voiding them from dirt
  • Breast pump– For times you can’t breastfeed
  • Nursing bra– Keep in mind to buy one size up from your actual size, if you’re buying one before the baby is born
  • Washable breast pads– To keep yourself from getting drenched in breastmilk when you’re not breastfeeding
  • Breastmilk collectors– Pop one under your bra cups and it’ll keep you from wasting any excess leakage
  • Baby washcloths– Babies tend to make somewhat of a mess when they’re nursing, from drooling to throwing up, having one of these washcloths nearby will keep that mess in control
  • Nipple balm– Irritated and sore nipples can make breastfeeding agonizing, having, and using a nipple balm or lotion even before you begin breastfeeding will ease the discomfort and can even prevent further damage


Diaper Up!

  • Disposable/reusable diapers– If you plan on using disposable or reusable diapers, it’s better not to buy too many at once as your baby may outgrow the initial size you’ve already purchased
  • Cloths– If you’d rather make your own DIY diaper from cloths, get a bunch of cloths since they can be reused and your little one will not be growing out of it for quite some time
  • Baby wipes/washcloths– Whichever your choice, you’d want to have a few of these on-site to keep your baby squeaky clean after potty-time
  • Nappy cream– To keep nappy rashes at bay
  • Changing table/Changing mat – A changing table is not essential, but it makes changing diapers easier to tackle when there’s an area solely for cleaning and changing. You can opt for a changing pad that goes on top of a dresser, table, or bed



  • Infant tub– An infant tub will keep your baby properly afloat while giving you the full view and focus as you bathe your baby
  • Washcloths– Keep these bath washcloths separate from the ones you use for cleaning your baby’s bottom
  • Baby soap– Even though baby soap is designed to be tear-free, soap shouldn’t directly get on your baby’s face. Use a washcloth that has some soap on it and gently wipe your baby’s face
  • Soft bath towels– Pick out the softest towel you can find in the store, you’d want to get a couple of these.

Hitting The Hay

  • A sturdy crib with a soft mattress – Even if you wish to practice co-sleeping with your little one, a crib will come in handy when you plan to start practising independent sleeping or when its naptime
  • Waterproof mattress covers – To keep your sheets clean and dry. It’s better to prevent a drenched mattress because once it gets soiled, it’s almost impossible to clean an entire mattress than just the cover itself
  • Swaddles and wraps - helps to keep baby feeling safe and secure. Helps to prevent her legs and arms from flailing which can trigger startle reflex and cause them to wake up from their sleep.


Baby Essentials

  • Baby thermometer – It’s better to have one of these lying around to track your baby’s temperature and to ensure your little one is in good shape
  • Baby nail clippers – Your little one will start growing nails when they turn week 12 and because of the chance of scratching themselves, it’s important to keep their nails trimmed
  • Medication – In the chance your little one falls sick and heading to the paediatrician is out of the question for whatever reason, stocked up medicine for your baby can be a lifesaver. (Just make sure the medicine is far from the expiry date especially since you’re getting them before your little one is born)
  • Syringe – Getting the medicine down and keeping it down can be impossible when it comes to little ones, a syringe is the best fix to getting it down but keeping your baby from hurling is not guaranteed so keep a washcloth close by just in case
  • Baby monitor – To keep an eye on your baby when you’re not in the same room
  • Baby toys & rattles – It’s hard to resist buying more than needed because they’re all so cute
  • Pacifiers – If you choose to use them, not an essential
  • Baby clothes – Onesies, socks, booties, warm beanies, shirts, pants, undershirts & mittens