Tips On Dealing with A Fussy Eater

Do you happen to have a fussy eater on your hands? Mealtime always turns out to be a train wreck when a fussy tot is present at the dinner table, tantrums are thrown, or they pull a Mahatma Gandhi and go on a hunger strike. Getting a fussy tot to sit down and finish up a nutritious, healthy meal can be a hard mountain to climb but a healthy diet that’s filled with essentials are vital for a growing child. Fussy eating is actually a very common parenting issue most parents tend to face and with these tips on how to overcome a fussy tot during mealtime, you’ll have your little one devouring all the plate’s contents. 

Zero Distractions

Try and keep any distractions at bay, that means television, games, toys, pets, etc. Pets may pry your little one into sneaking the foods they disagree into the mouths of their furry friends. By getting rid of the distractions, your little one will learn to concentrate better on what’s going on at the dinner table. Distract them into eating with a happy chat or a game instead, they may even get in a broccoli or two without realizing it with all the fun they’re having.


Introduce New Foods

Maybe they just don’t agree with the usual menu so by introducing new foods will have a better effect on their eating habits. Swap potatoes with sweet potatoes, they may rather the sweeter taste it has to offer. Try a variety of meats and veggies, there must be one out there that they’d rather ingest. Skip on snacks throughout the day to build their appetites when it comes to actual mealtimes; the hungrier they are, the more likely they’ll finish up whatever’s on their plate.


Take A Trip to The Supermarket with Your Tot

Take a trip to the supermarket with your little one, let them explore every aisle in the store, not the candy aisle though otherwise, the shopping cart will have a bunch of unhealthy goodies. Allow them to explore the fruits and veggies, get the ones that interest them. Teach them and give them some information on the different types of produce, the flavours each of them holds. The second step to getting your little one involved is by having them lend a hand with cooking and setting up the table. 


Make Food Fun & Exciting


Play around with mealtime, plate dishes in a fun way for your kids. Cut veggies and fruits into fun shapes, mix in some colours, and get downright creative with it. Have your little one’s help plate the dishes as well; this will include them in the process and even excite them into eating a whole plate’s worth of food. Get them to eat celery by incorporating the crunchy vegetable in a fun recipe such as ants on a logpeanut butter and celery may sound like a bad match but hey! fries go great with a milkshake. 


Do Not Repeat Meals


Children easily get bored and with the same range of food being served on a repetitive basis, your little one will bound to get bored and uninterested. Mix it up with new foods, change it up now and then. Meals should have a touch of pizzaz to excite the appetite, plus a variety of foods means a variety of nutrition.


Make Mealtimes Consistent

Scheduling proper mealtimes is key when it comes to a fussy tot, it should be practised as a daily routine. Snacks should not come in the way of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this can easily mess with their appetites when it comes to the important meals of the day. Limit snacks with foods that will not fill their tummies up and keep them nutritious as possible. Have them lay off sugary drinks and snacks as these are empty calories and have zero nutrition value.


Dine As a Family

 Sitting down for dinner as a family benefits the entire family, especially when you have a fussy tot at hand. Little ones learn their eating habits from watching their parents or siblings; if they see mommy or daddy having a portion of steamed carrots, they may want to have a taste of it too. It’s also a great way to indulge in some family time. Your little one will gain a sense of encouragement to try and eat foods they disagree usually with; it’ll be an awakening experience when they come to terms with so-called ‘yucky’ foods.