Tips On Dressing Your Little One For Special Occasions

Getting your little one ready for a special occasion can be a tricky situation when a basic onesie doesn't quite cut it. Your little one must remain comfortable throughout the occasion whilst also being able to move around freely. Even for us adults, dressing up for a fancy occasion can be somewhat of a hassle with gaudy clothes being in the way and let's not forget all of the extra accessories needed to put a look together. Even though your little one may forget ever being at the occasion, you'd want them to have fun while ultimately, being comfy so with that being said, we've got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves on how to dress your little one for a special occasion.

Consider The Age Of Your Child

Before you pick out your little ones outfit, consider the age of your child first. If you've got a toddler that's just loaded with energy and know that they will be engaged in playtime at the occasion, you will want to pick something easy for them to play in; you wouldn’t want your little one to end up tripping because of the outfit he or she is in. Dress your toddler in shorter dresses and pair them with some cute pastel coloured leggings; for boys, you’d want to go with a pair of formal pants paired with a button up shirt - you can even dress your little one up in a suit but be prepared to hold your little one's blazer for most of the occasion. For babies, you can opt for a cute baby gown for girls and a shirt paired with baby leggings for boys - look for shirts that are snap on rather than button up to avoid choking hazards and it'll make diaper changes on the go a whole lot easier. 

Comfort Over Everything Else

Clothes can sometimes get in the way of having fun, so select outfits that your little one is comfortable in; before you head out for the occasion, check with your little one if they're comfortable in their outfits - your baby is probably in discomfort if you notice them fussing. Choose clothes that are of soft materials, scratchy materials such as synthetic fabrics and wool are a big no-no! Keep the temperature in mind too, you don't want your little one getting chilly so remember to bring a sweater or swaddle for them just in case; dress down if the occasion is taken place outside. For little bundle of joys, you'd want to keep nappy changes in mind; make sure the outfit you dress them in is easy to get in and out of just in case an accident occurs mid-occasion.

Avoid Hazardous Clothes

While a baby in a bow tie is endearing, it's a cause for trouble. Bow ties, ties and dangly bits that hang off clothes can take a turn for the worst and end up being a cause of strangulation. Buttons and bedazzled outfits are just as dangerous, beads and buttons that are not properly secured can easily get in your little one's mouth and cause your baby to choke. It's best to dress your little one in simple outfits that isn't too 'loud'.


Accessories can take even the drabbest outfit above and beyond, adding to the already present 'cute factor'. Throw on a headband or butterfly clips on your precious little girl and if the occasion calls for it, place flowers on her hair. Dress your little boy in hats, bow ties and suspenders to add an extra flair to his outfit. With the many choking and strangulation hazards most clothing items hold; you'd want to tone it down on the accessories when it comes to babies - suitable accessories for a baby would be beanies and booties that come with shoe-like patterns on them.

High-Quality Picks

Look for quality when picking outfits that are meant for special occasions, ones that are hard-wearing. These higher quality babywear and toddler wear can sometimes be on the pricey end but with your little one only wearing it on certain occasions, you won't have to worry too much about the outfit taking on its worst shape anytime soon. Get a size up from your little one's usual size, this allows for the outfit to be worn for a longer period while also providing extra comfort - loose-fitting clothes are always better than tight-fitting ones when it comes to little ones. Inevitably, your little one will grow out of those high quality formal wear but with it still being in good shape; it can easily be donated or passed down.