Tips & Tricks On Dressing A Toddler Who Refuses To Get Dressed


As your little one grows and starts walking and talking, they also begin learning how to express their preferences; be it for toys, food or even certain clothes. Especially during toddlerhood, many parents are faced with a toddler who just refuses to get dressed and this can be especially back-breaking when time is of the essence. Your toddler may have a wardrobe full of clothes yet they rather not wear any of them or any clothes at all for that matter. If you have found yourself in this situation every time you dress your toddler, then keep on reading! We have got the perfect list of tips and tricks to deal with a toddler that prefers heading out with their birthday suit instead.


Let Them Express Their Preferences In Clothing

The first step you could take to avoid throwing out a wardrobe full of clothes that your toddler refuses to wear is by letting them choose their own clothes. You can start by having them choose easy things like socks or tops. By letting them choose even just parts of their outfits will bring them a sense of satisfaction and freedom to express themselves. Have them pick out their outfits the night before to save wasted time in the morning and because you and your little one are doing this activity together, they are far more likely to pick something that you want them to wear. As your toddler gets older, they will learn how to be more independent and develop their own personality.


Limit Their Outfit Options


Followed by letting your toddler pick their own outfits is to limit their outfit options. Avoiding a sense of overwhelm is often the safest bet to stop a battle before it begins. When you give your toddler too many choices to select from can make the entire process more stressful for both you and your toddler. Have them choose between just 2 outfit options instead of a wardrobe full of clothes, this makes the decision much easier for your toddler and avoids the circumstance in which your little one loses focus and becomes frustrated.


 Get Them Involved In Shopping

Your toddler is much more likely to want to get dressed if they are actually invested in their clothes. Consider letting them pick some outfits by bringing them along when you go shopping. By giving them the option to peruse and try out the clothes they like, the more likely they are to wear them. For younger kids, try to select items that are both super-comfy and adorned with an image of something your toddler loves, whether it’s a truck, a princess or a favourite cartoon character.


Select Clothing That Are Comfortable

Some toddlers are sensitive to how different types of clothing feel that they can’t tolerate wearing them. When kids have extreme reactions to clothing, it can be very stressful for them. You can give them a small sense of control by asking them what they think might help and if that doesn't work, opt for clothes that are comfortable. Some little ones may experience sensory issues with certain clothing materials, the tags on the clothes or even the lines at the end of their socks. In those cases, it's best to select comfortable clothing materials such as cotton; remove the tags and have your toddler wear their socks inside out instead.


 Distract Them When Getting Dressed

Taking the focus off the task at hand and distracting your toddler with an activity can help with getting your little one dressed without a fuss. Be it playing with their favourite toy or singing a song with them, really anything that will hold her attention for a few minutes. While they are occupied, quickly get them dressed before they notice.

 Offer Them An Incentive For Getting Dressed

Sometimes the best way to get your little one to do something is to bribe them with an incentive. Let your toddler know that there is something special waiting for them as soon as they get dressed. The incentive you choose to offer them can be anything from their favourite breakfast item to their favourite TV show. Make it clear to them that no clothes means no incentive and make sure that their incentive is given to them as soon as they get the task done.

Never Throw Away Receipts

Every adult knows to always keep purchase receipts after a shopping spree which should also apply when shopping for little ones. Having the option to return the clothes your toddler doesn't want to wear or like, can save you a tonne of money and regret. It also allows your toddler to change their mind without added guilt and strengthen the trust they have in you.