Why Do Little Ones Hate Getting Dressed?

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? - your little one refuses to get out of bed for an important outing and when they finally do get up, you end up chasing them around the house for an hour trying to get clothes on them. Whether it is a shirt or a diaper, getting dressed has become a dreaded chore. Your little one wiggles and whines their way out of your grasp and throws a tantrum because she does not want to get dressed. So, if you have got yourself a squirmy or strong-willed little one who hates getting dressed up and ready for big events, we have got to the bottom of this and here are some reasons why your little ones hate getting dressed.

They Love Their Birthday Suit

Many little ones prefer being semi-naked at home. Your little ones should be aware that nudity is not always acceptable for certain events, but not every little one is going to come in terms with that fact. So, setting boundaries or game of give and take is your best bet by designating some period of ‘nakey’ time, perhaps after bath and before pyjamas are put on.

Negative Reactions

Little ones may throw tantrums if the outfit is stuffy or too hot such as sweaters or a swaddle. They may also whine about itchy tags and complain about shoes that hurt. Extreme reactions to different fabrics, tags or zippers may be a sensory processing disorder, an enigmatic condition in which the brain receives and reacts to certain stimuli, such as smells, sensations, sounds and tastes in a dysfunctional way. Getting dressed is just one unpleasant part of our often-disastrous weekday mornings! Clothes made from synthetic materials can be uncomfortable to kids who are sensitive to touch. When it comes to sensory processing disorder, instead of synthetic blends, consider buying natural, breathable fabrics, such as a hundred percent cotton, bamboo, and linen. If you must snip a tag, try snipping it as close to the seam as possible. Try turning socks inside out so that the lining of material will not bother them.

To Bathe or Not to Bathe

Getting dressed after a nice warm bath may be another issue you face with your little bundle of joy. Babies typically hate getting pulled from the water, no matter how warm it is. The drastic change in temperature will cause them to burst out in tears and feel quite uncomfortable. To soothe them in this situation you can try placing their clothes and their towel in the dryer for a few minutes, just so the fabric is warm to the touch. Leave these on standby and when bath time is over, act fast. Also, try to dry their head and hair right out of the tub, as heat escapes the body from this area first.

Over Their Heads

If your little bundle of joy screams and sobs when getting dressed, do not be alarmed. Many first-time parents feel guilty about making their child yell those show-stopping and blood-curdling screams, but the first thing you must realize is that your baby is not in danger. Your baby may feel uncomfortable, feeling so exposed after spending nine months in the warm comfort of the womb. Try a few of these tips when dressing your baby. If you just brought your new-born home, opt for onesies that zip up from the feet. This way, you can avoid pulling clothes over their little head entirely. You also will not have to worry about your baby pulling off their socks either. You can also purchase a onesie that ties down at the bottom so that your baby is always swaddled-up and comfortable. Lastly, another option you can try is to open the neck hole of their shirts wide enough so they can still see your face through it as you pull the fabric overhead. Make sure to keep eye contact and speak to your baby using a soothing voice to calm them down.

Diapey! No! Diapey!

If your baby has suddenly grown to despise diaper changes, one of these next few things has happened. If the climate has gone from hot and humid to chilly, they may be experiencing the cold more severely compared to you. They may also be experiencing an uncomfortable diaper rash so look into replacing the fabric softener or the brand of diapers you are using if you notice redness on their bottoms. You can also apply a trusted brand of diaper rash cream to soothe their skin.