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About OETEO - Embrace the Moment

OETEO (pronounced as ee-tay-o) was born from our dream of designing well thought-out apparel that combines functionality with innovative designs. We hope to produce apparels that surprise and help people live better lives.
Boasting a combined experience of over 30 years in garment design and production, our team has collaborated with apparel companies globally to product for international brands and labels.
Leveraging on our technical expertise and lifestyle insights, OETEO offers essential but yet versatile apparel solutions which help to enhance the quality of parent and child bonding. 

The Babies & Children Garment Professionals

Oeteo Colourful

Quality • Safety • Workmanship


We source the best quality yarns, materials and accessories for all our products. R&D is employed to release the fabric's full potential to achieve the ultimate softness, functionality and durability. For full visibility and control, we manufacture in our own factories and source from the best within our global network to bring you these products. As a baby and children's wear professionals, we are mindful of the finest details to ensure comfort, safety and style for the young ones. 

High quality cotton was certified to be *OEKO-TEX® compliant was chosen as the main fabric for the OETEO baby range for its time-tested qualities - soft, breathable, safe and durable. Each garment goes through our seamless supply chain, and at every stage, our dedicated and experienced people to ensure that our customers receive only the best to feel the love from every thread. 

OETEO's designs are all conceptualised at our headquarters in the Garden City of Singapore. From the creation of the garment designs to the selection of fabrics; we develop our apparel with our customers' needs in mind.

Please click here for more information on OEKO-TEX® compliancy.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

OETEO believes that business also contribute to the well-being of the communities and countries where we operate. Sustainability and green efforts are always at the top of our minds and we invest in ongoing efforts to promote responsible environmental practices.

Workplace health and safety is also very close to our hearts. Our office and factory employees work in a safe and comfortable environment, earn fair wages and are treated with respect and dignity. We also have strict social compliance policies and commit to no child and forced labour.

As we do our best to make a difference and grow together with our communities, our continual effort is a testament of our continuing journey towards greater accountability and of our effort to achieve greater sustainability for the environment.