6 Big Don'ts Parents Should Avoid When Dressing Your Child For Kindy

Getting your little one ready for kindy can be complicated when you don't have the many do's and don'ts covered. Now, you wouldn't want your child being embarrassed at school because of a bad fashion decision. Kids fashion has come a long way over the decades with designer brands for children taking the world by storm. Before you head out to splurge on some expensive designer kids clothing for your little one, have a read on the don'ts when dressing your little one and you'll see that there is no need for high-priced clothes, just good clothing choices.


  1. Overdressing Your Little One

There is no doubt that we want our little ones to be comfortable and warm when they head out the door, but remember that they are going to kindy which means they will be moving around a lot so piling clothes on your little one is a big no-no. Jackets and sweaters may pull a look together but can be very restraining, especially in sweltering weather. Instead of dressing them in one, put a jacket in their backpack just in case it gets too cold. Speaking of cold weather, avoid layering your little ones in a bunch of clothing; not only does it restrict movement but can cause your little one to overheat. Pay close attention to the weather when dressing your child, the general rule of thumb is typically one layer more than what you would wear.


  1. Fancy-Schmancy Outfits

Aside from the weather being the reason most parents are guilty for overdressing their little ones, fashion is another. Avoid overdressing your little ones in over-the-top outfits. Yes, sequins and frills are cute for special occasions but definitely not for kindy. Kids are bound to get messy during playtime and lunchtime, it'll be such a pity to see their nicer clothes ruined so save those fancy clothes for the right place and time.


  1. Style Over Comfort & Convenience

It's important for little ones to run, play and use the dunny without having any inconvenience, the wrong clothes may just be the reason your little one is limiting their movements at kindy or worst, being prone to accidents (yes, both sorts). Stay away from kids clothes with lots of buttons, ties, and flimsy poorly-stitched flourishes, overalls are a good example of a clothing piece that prioritizes style over comfort and convenience. Design details like buttons can easily fall off or go missing while your child plays or in daily washing. Steer clear of outfits that your child needs a lot of help putting on or taking off. Also avoid items that you yourself are struggling to dress them in. Dressing up should be fun, not stressful.


  1. Clothes That Go Against The Dress Code

The first thing to do when you are looking to dress your kid in trendy dresses or accessories is to give the dress code in your little one's kindyl guidebook a careful read. We do not want our children to be reprimanded or pointed out for not following the regulations. Many t-shirts can have colors or prints that do not fall under the guidebook's accepted category like graphic t-shirts.


  1. Not Involving Your Child

Your little one is learning to express themself and the best thing you can do for them is giving them a choice. A choice of really good combinations that they can easily wear, is perfect for the day’s weather and looks stunning on them. Start slowly at first. Ask for their opinions when surfing the net for their clothes. Plan their next dressing session in advance. Have them choose among limited choices that you picked out for them as letting them choose from a wardrobe-full of clothes can be overwhelming for them. As they get older and get used to picking out their own outfits, give them more options and eventually, you can have them pick their outfits from the wardrobe itself. 


  1. Ignoring Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS)

Some children may be sensitive to certain clothing. Just because something feels soft to you, does not mean that your child has the same experience.  It could actually be the opposite for your child. SPS varies in children however the most common ones include clothes with tags or embroidery and the stitching found in stockings. If your little one refuses to get dressed, it could be a sign they suffer from SPS and a simple way to ensure they are comfortable is to remove tags from clothing, stick to basic clothing with no embroidery and turn their socks inside out. Even if your little one is not able to speak yet, they will let you know if the clothes they are wearing makes them uncomfortable so be on the lookout for signs such as taking the clothing piece off, crying or whining.


Now that you know the don'ts when dressing your little one for kindy, we at OETEO hope that both you and your little one will find dressing up to be less of a hassle and rather a fun bonding activity.