Fun Hacks with Kid's Clothing

Your little one's outgrow clothes in a blink of an eye and the ones that are impossible to salvage, you’ve got no choice but to dump them right into the bin but hold on a minute! There’s actually plenty of fun hacks that can try on your and your little one's unsalvageable clothes, all you need is a little pizzazz and poof! You’ve got yourself a new invention from clothes that were about to go to waste. You can always get your little ones to lend a helping hand to make the hack even more fun for both you and your child. So let’s jump right into it, here are 3 fun clothing hacks!

Sock Puppets
  • Old socks
  • Coloured card
  • Scissors
  • Wool
  • Glue
  • Pom poms, ideally white
  • Black felt
  1. Fold a piece of card. With the folded edge at the bottom, draw a semi-circle and cut round it. You can now open up the card and see that that it’s a little ‘mouth’.
  2. Take the cardboard mouth and position it inside your sock. Put it in the opening, and then push it right to the end. When it’s at the toe end, push the toe of the sock into the fold.
  3. Pop your hand inside the sock and have a go at making the mouth open and close.
  4. Take some strands of wool and tie them together in the middle. Cut it to whatever length you like at the sides. You can even plait it if you like. Glue your hair in place. A glue gun works well but you could also use PVA glue. Just hold it in place and wait for a while until it sticks.
  5. To make the eyes take your pom poms – we used white ones. Cut out small circles of black felt and glue them on. Then stick your pom poms into place on your sock puppet. If you don’t have pom poms you could cut some round shapes from felt for the eyes instead. Or use buttons.
  6. Voila! You and your little ones got yourselves some little sock puppets ready for a puppet show extravaganza!
Toy Accessories

Another great way to use old clothing is to give them to your children to play with! Help them cut, sew, and redesign outfits for their stuffed animals, or simply put them on their new stuffed toys as is. Build-A-Bear Workshop sells clothes specifically for toys at a jaw-dropping price, so why not save some money and just re-use your kid’s old baby clothes? Letting your children redesign clothing is also a wonderful way to stimulate their imagination and creativity without spending tons of cash on materials. Plus, if they have clothing that they are allowed to cut into, your kiddos will be less likely to ruin your best sheets and towels!


Denim Aprons

  1. Cut the leg off a pair of jeans at the top of the leg.
  2. Cut the pant leg open along the inseam.
  3. Centre your template on the open pant leg, lining up the bottom of the template with the bottom of the pant leg.  The hem on the bottom of your jeans will provide a nice finished bottom for your kid’s apron.
  4. Finish your edges for the sides and top of the apron. You can either with bias tape, or by turning under once for a 1/4 inch hem and zig-zagging all the way around.
  5. Rip one of the back pockets off your jeans and centre it on the bottom half of the apron. Stitch it in place with a zig-zag.
  6. If you’re adding a fleece heart, centre it on the top half of the apron and stitch in place with a zig-zag stitch.
  7. For the straps, you’ll need to measure your child with a length of string to figure out how long you need to make them.
  8. Cut along side the outer seam all the way up the pant leg, and then trim to the right size.  No need to finish the edges or ends of this piece.
  9. Sew one strap to the top of the apron, and one strap to the waist of the apron.
  10. Stitch some velcro to the straps and the backside of the waist of the apron.
  11. And you’re done! Decorate it however you like and get creative with it. Let your little ones help out and choose the design. You can hack either your old pair of jeans or your little one's denims, whichever you choose, this hack is definitely an adorable one.