4 Tips & Tricks To Make Your Toddler's Clothes Last Longer

Shopping for your toddler can be a frustrating process. You put all that effort in making sure the clothes you just got them fit just right, fast forward to a month or two later and to your surprise, none of the clothes in your toddler's wardrobe fits them anymore. And until your toddler is out of their growth spurt years, you will find yourself going on endless shopping sprees just to replace your toddler's old clothes with new ones that they will very will outgrow insanely quickly. Fortunately, the internet is filled to the brim with tips and tricks to make children's clothing last longer. Our determined team at OETEO have scoured the internet for some of the best tips to help you save a quick buck in the children's clothing department.


Tip #1 - Wash Your Toddler's Clothes Less Frequently

Kids can get messy real quick but that doesn't mean their clothes need to be thrown into the washer after every use. Overwashing your toddler's clothes can cause irreparable colour fading, shrinkage and misshaping. The general rule of thumb is to wash your toddler's clothes every three to four wears and after every use for undergarments. As we know of toddlers constantly in a jumble with stains, smudges and spills but sometimes a little spot cleaning can save an unnecessary trip to the washer. A quick scrub with a damp cloth on any smaller dirty spots can have clothes ready to wear again the next day, no washing machine required!


Tip #2 - Cold Wash And Hang Dry Your Toddler's Clothes

We know that heat causes clothes to wear and shrink at a faster rate. Dryers can cause clothes to shrink, weaken their material fibres and make them appear faded. Now bear with us, we suggest skipping the dryer altogether and switch to air drying your toddler's clothes instead to prevent them from shrinking and fading. Another way to prolong the life of your toddler's clothes is to opt for cold washing, cold water makes it less likely for clothes to shrink or fade and can also reduce wrinkles. Cold water takes the cake for being able to tackle the toughest stains with no issues! Hot water will not be able to remove every stain such as sweat, for example, as effectively as cold water can. Yes, we know how tedious this tip sounds but think about how much money you'll be saving by extending the wearibilty of your toddler's clothes.


Tip #3 - Store Your Toddler's Clothes Properly

After a hard day's work of parenting, cleaning up after your little one can be dreadful and we may be tempted to just chuck all of their clothes on a chair or in their wardrobe but  did you know that the way you store your toddler's clothes can make a huge difference to their longevity? Folding and stacking your toddler's outerwear and onesies on a shelf rather than hanging them helps keep their shape. Even the kind of hangers you use can make a difference. Wire or plastic hangers can stretch out the shoulders on their clothes, which is why wooden hangers are a better bet if you prefer using hangers to organise your toddler's wardrobe. Another tip is to store their clothes in cotton sheets or bags instead of plastic ones as they trap in humidity which in turn attracts mildew.


Tip #4 - Avoid Buying Children Clothing With Embellishments

That shiny glitter design on your toddler's dress may be adorable, but it will be the first thing to fall apart. For clothes that last, try to stay away from fancy embellishments that will break down quickly in the washer and instead, look for clothes that are decorated in a more wear-friendly way, like outfits with embroidered designs or pieces that use different well-tailored fabrics to create a cute design. However, your toddler is bound to have some fancy clothing pieces that come with embellishments and a tip for caring for these types of clothing is to hand wash them in cold water. Some embellishments on children's clothing like detailed designs of tiny plastic sequins and beading are so fragile that they can get detached even after a gentle cycle in the wash. Fragile clothes require fragile care, and the most delicate way to do the laundry is with your hands.


It is without a doubt that there is no way to make your toddler’s clothes last forever but with these tips, you may just get another season or two out of some of their outfits!